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Vitra Soft Modular Sofa Three-Seater

Vitra Soft Modular Sofa Three-Seater

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The Soft Modular Sofa is Jasper Morrison's updated interpretation of what has become a modern classic: the low-slung modular sofa with a decidedly horizontal emphasis. Uniting carefully balanced proportions, great comfort and a conscious renunciation of decorative details, the Soft Modular Sofa exemplifies the characteristics of this sofa type in their purest form. Firmly in line with his philosophy of 'super normal' design, Jasper Morrison has successfully coupled home-like informality with precise finishing and expressive clarity. As a result, the Soft Modular Sofa functions like an architectural element that can be subtly integrated in any interior.

Combine and assemble

Thanks to its modular design with side, corner and central elements as well as a chaise longue, the size and form of the Soft Modular Sofa can be customised to meet a diverse range of requirements. And optional elements like the ottoman and additional cushions as well as a wide selection of leather and fabric covers in a variety of colours allow further personalisation of any individual configuration.

soft modular sofa configurations vitra

Upholstery and cushions

The voluminous cushions invite the sitter to lounge and relax on the Soft Modular Sofa. Its high-quality interior construction, consisting of various foams and a spring core, offers superb comfort and ensures that the cushions return to their original form after use. On one hand, the black base frame is part of the functional design, enabling a practical and stable connection of the modules. On the other, as a plinth-like platform with rounded corners, it references the sensual elegance of art deco.

Different cushions are optionally available: neck cushions (with plastic bead filling) or decorative pillows (with PU chips and synthetic beads). The neck cushions come in a short and long version, while the decorative pillows are available in three sizes: 30 x 40 cm, 40 x 40 cm and 50 x 50 cm. The cushions can be ordered in the same choice of covers as the sofa elements.

soft modular sofa vitra cushion pillow fabric multi colour

Leather covers

The Soft Modular Sofa is available with two different types of high-quality leather covers in a variety of colours. The precisely stitched seams are indicative of the detailed workmanship that goes into the production of the sofa. The interior structure of the upholstery ensures that the cushions always return to their original shape – helping to prevent the formation of wrinkles and creases.

vitra soft modular sofa leather black


Made In: Germany & Switzerland
Design Year: 2016

Material Description

  • Seat: steel frame, wood construction with steel springs, polyurethane foam structure and visco cover.
  • Seat height: 380 mm (270 mm with applied load, measured in accordance with EN 1335-1:2000).
  • Armrests and backrest: wood construction with polyurethane foam structure and chamber cushion overlay (filling made of polyurethane foam rods and polyester fibres).
  • Covers: removable.
  • Throw cushions: foam cube and ball fibre filling.
  • Neck cushion: polypropylene pellet filling.
  • Glides: plastic glides with levelling adjustment.
  • Ottoman structure: wood construction, steel springs and polyurethane foam structure with visco cover.

L: 3300mm / W: 980mm / H: 645mm


three-seater soft modular sofa 3 vignette dimensions

Upholstery Construction

Sectional drawing of upholstery construction Soft Modular Sofa section technical detailed drawing layers visco viscoelastic layer

The construction of the Soft Modular Sofa provides outstanding comfort: the underlying foundation is a box-like wooden frame, which rests on individually height-adjustable legs concealed by the black base frame. No-sag steel springs are integrated in the seat area of the wooden frame. These ensure that the cushions return to their original shape after use and prevent ripples from forming in the cover material. The seat and back cushions consist of two optimally coordinated types of foam with varying degrees of firmness. The upholstery structure is completed with a layer of viscoelastic foam, which keeps the sitter from sinking too deeply into the seat. 

All these elements are carefully balanced, ensuring that the Soft Modular Sofa satisfies the comfort needs of all customers. The back and armrests have a similar construction and can be sat on without fear of damaging the upholstery. No animal feathers are used in the upholstery. This avoids the typical rustling sound associated with such materials and also makes the Soft Modular Sofa suitable for people who are allergic to animal feathers.


Jasper Morrison, 2016

Jasper Morrison lives and works in London and Tokyo. His designs are expressions of the super normal design philosophy: rather than seeking unusual or extravagant results. He often breathes new life into proven solutions by means of reinterpretation, further development, and refinement. He has worked together with Vitra on a regular basis since 1989.



Vitra is much more than a brand but rather a staple of design. Established in 1950 in Birsfelden, Switzerland, the brand has left its mark in design history through its transcending path. Starting as a furniture producer, it paved its way to manufacturing and ultimately becoming the powerhouse design institution we see today.

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