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    With a wide variety and constantly changing selection of pieces available in our store, there will always be a piece that suits your living or workspace.

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  • Projects

    With our assortment of pieces and international connections, we can provide a large selection of pieces for working spaces on a project basis.

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    With our website, we also cater to the online market, allowing you to purchase your next piece from the comfort of your own home.

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The Importance Of Original Design

When all requisite legal and creative criteria are fulfilled, we recognize a design as original. This designation signifies that a design, irrespective of its creation date, embodies the genuine vision of the designer and is produced by an authorized manufacturer, ensuring its authenticity. While the definitions of 'original' and 'copy' hold firm in the realm of fine arts, the dynamic nature of design demands a redefined understanding of these terms.

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About Us

Haus, your gateway to exclusive designs and architectural prowess. As the distinguished distributor of Vitra in Malaysia and esteemed dealer for iconic brands like Artek, Louis Poulsen, and Yamagiwa, we redefine spaces from concept to creation.

Since 2004, our Kuala Lumpur headquarters have been the epicenter of crafting living and working environments. From prestigious hotels and opulent residences to national museums and galleries worldwide, we merge simplicity with sophistication, leaving an indelible mark of elegance and functionality.

At Haus, we're more than furniture dealers, we’re designers. Our seasoned team delivers beyond expectation, ensuring every project reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence. Step into our world, Where original designs matter & every space tells a story.

  • Voon Keen Choong

    Business Director

    Uncertified Food Critique

  • Lynn Lim

    Office Manager

    Bombastic Side Eye

  • Patricia Mok

    Executive Director

    Cat Whisperer

  • Fit Mohamad

    Brand Strategist


  • Dominic Seow

    Deputy Marketing Manager

    Professional Busker

  • Firdaus

    Operations Executive
    Office "Warlord"

  • Fisa

    Marketing Executive
    Free Food Eater

  • Harith Khairi

    Graphic Specialist

    Karaoke Machine

  • Jordan Lee

    Graphics Intern

    Lego Expert

  • Sophie The Poodle

    Sales Intern (Part-Time)

    Dictator (Full-Time)