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Tip Ton

Tip Ton

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A contemporary design, Tip Ton was made by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby in collaboration with Vitra and fulfilled particular attention to the pelvis and spine, promoting blood circulation to the legs and thus the oxygen supply in the stomach and back area.

Tip Ton effortlessly meets all expectations of a multi-purpose chair: as a stackable chair, it can be used in a single desk, or library with a choice of contemporary colors. This seating is the first fully plastic chair that tilts forwards and thus invites gentle rocking.

Without a doubt, this chair is perfect for the modern living room or kitchen while on any terrace it adds a discreet yet poppy element. Vitra's Tip Ton chair catches the eye with its special base structure that allows the chair to be tilted a few degrees forward.

A slightly forward-reaching seating pose activates the back and stomach muscles and thus helps the body to get more oxygen. The Tip Ton chair is made of durable and recyclable plastic, and it doesn't have any loose mechanical parts.

Tip Ton brings an interesting combination of function and form to the office, kitchen, or elsewhere in the house. 

"A colorful and contemporary chair that can effortlessly change between a relaxed position to forward tilt depending on your mood"

Technical Details

Made in: Germany

Material: Backrest, seat, base: Polypropylene

Glides: Polyethylene

Stacking: Tip Ton can be stacked up to 4 chairs high on the floor, and up to 11 on a stacking trolley. A stacking trolley is separately available.

Outdoor use: Tip Ton is suitable for outdoor use.




Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby | Rekadeka MalaysiaEdward Barber & Jay Osgerby, 2011

Edward Barber, born in Shrewsbury in 1969, and Jay Osgerby, born in Oxford in 1969, studied architecture and interior design as fellow students at the Royal College of Art in London. In 1996, they founded their own studio for design and architecture under the name Barber & Osgerby. Since that time, their collaborative work has probed the interface between industrial design, furniture design, and architecture.


Logo Vitra - Original - Rekadeka Malaysia 

Vitra is much more than a brand but rather a staple of design. Established in 1950, the brand has left its mark on design history through its transcending path. Starting as a furniture producer, it paved its way to manufacturing and ultimately became the powerhouse design institution we see today.

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