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Vitra Tabouret Solvay Stool

Vitra Tabouret Solvay Stool

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Tabouret Solvay bears the unmistakable signature of Jean Prouvé, reflecting an aesthetic based on structural requirements. The sturdy stool is available in natural oak, dark oak or American walnut.

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Made in: Germany 

Seat and base:  solid wood in natural oak with oiled finish, dark stained oak with protective natural lacquer finish, or American walnut with oiled finish; connecting element: sheet metal, powder-coated (smooth) in deep black.

Origin of wood:  oak (Quercus robur) from Western Europe and/or Poland; American walnut (Juglans nigra) from the USA.

Material: Natural solid oak


Tabouret Solvay


Jean Prouvé, 1941

 Jean Prouvé - portrait panels_web_designer_filter

Jean Prouvé, who regarded himself as an engineer throughout his lifetime, was both the designer and manufacturer of his product ideas. His unique oeuvre, ranging from a letter opener to door and window fittings, from lighting and furniture to prefabricated houses and modular building systems, encompasses almost anything that is suited to industrial production and construction.

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