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Soft Seats

Soft Seats

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Soft Seats are loose seat cushions that provide extra comfort to unupholstered chairs. They are available in three shapes and can be used on a variety of chair models. The covers are available in a variety of colors and materials, including leather and fabric.

For soft comfort, thermo pressed fleece that maintains its shape and has a thickness of two centimeters is used to pad the Soft Seats. After sorting, all of the materials are 100% recyclable, unlike cushions made of polyurethane foam. Zip fasteners allow the covers to be readily removed for dry cleaning or replacement. Soft Seats come in fabric or leather on both sides, or with a non-slip covering on the underside.


Made In: Germany
Design Year: 2022

Material Description

  • Padding:  thermopressed polyester fleece, 2-cm thick, 100 % recyclable.
  • Cover:  removable, in fabric or leather, with zip fastener (always in black). Can be professionally dry cleaned.
  • Note:  Soft Seats with non-slip coating can only be used on one side.
  • Note:  Limited offer for British standard version and always with a non-slip coating.


Type A

Type B

Type C


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