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Chaise Tout Bois

Chaise Tout Bois

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Chaise Tout Bois is the only chair by the French 'constructeur' and designer Jean Prouvé that is made entirely out of wood. The design is very similar to Prouvé's famous Standard chair, but wood was substituted for the metal base due to the scarcity of metal during the Second World War. The form of the Chaise Tout Bois articulates Prouvé's intention to provide added strength at the transition point between the seat and backrest, where the load weight of the human anatomy is greatest. The profile of the rear frame section – back legs and backrest support – makes reference to this load transfer and is a typical characteristic of Prouvé's designs for both furniture and architecture.


Made in: Germany

Seat and backrest: moulded plywood veneer in natural or dark-stained oak, protective natural lacquer finish.

Base: non-stackable solid wood base; same type of wood as backrest and seat in natural or dark-stained oak, protective natural lacquer finish.

Origin of wood: solid oak (Quercus robur) from Croatia, veneer wood from the USA.


Chaise Tout Bois


Jean Prouvé - portrait panels_web_designer_filter

Jean Prouvé, 1941

Jean Prouvé, who regarded himself as an engineer throughout his lifetime, was both the designer and manufacturer of his product ideas. His unique oeuvre, ranging from a letter opener to door and window fittings, from lighting and furniture to prefabricated houses and modular building systems, encompasses almost anything that is suited to industrial production and construction.


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