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Ceramic Clocks

Ceramic Clocks

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Vitra's Ceramic Clocks combine geometric and organic shapes in a playful and sculptural way, evoking associations with three-dimensional works by artists like Constantin Brancusi or Isamu Noguchi. For unknown reasons, the Ceramic Clocks were never produced in series, though designed and developed in full detail in the early 1950s.
Using the original plans and prototypes as a basis, Vitra has produced a new edition of the Ceramic Clocks in porcelain, finished in various colored glazes and equipped with a modern quartz movement. These cheerful table clocks are available in three versions.

Production of Ceramic Clocks

"This film shows the many different steps involved in the hand-crafted production of Ceramic Clocks by George Nelson from casting to glazing and firing in the kiln, to assembling the movements and the packing of each clock." 

Technical Details

Design Year: 1953
Made In: Germany 
Materials: Glazed porcelain; hands made of sheet metal.
Product content: High-quality quartz clock movement, 1.5-volt battery included.
Dimensions: Ceramic Clocks Model 1 Ceramic Clocks Model 2 Ceramic Clocks Model 3


George Nelson, 1947/1953

Being regarded as one of the most important figures in American design is George Nelson's biggest achievement. Active as an architect, a product and exhibition designer & a writer, he was a leading voice in the discourse on design and architecture over several decades. 

BrandLogo Vitra - Original - Rekadeka Malaysia

Vitra is much more than a brand but rather a staple of design. Established in 1950 in Birsfelden, Switzerland, the brand has left its mark in design history through its transcending path. Starting as a furniture producer, it paved its way to manufacturing and ultimately becoming the powerhouse design institution we see today.

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