Building Our Team

We are constantly looking to expand and improve our team. If you believe you have what it takes, send us a message and let's talk! We are looking for creative, sincere, and like-minded individuals who have the tools and mindset to propel our company forward.

Our Culture

Tenacity & Ownership
We look for problem solvers. Individuals that never give up no matter how difficult an obstacle we face, and take on responsibilities not only for themselves but also for the team.

Integrity & Desire
We value the importance of adhering to our principles as well as having a desire to grow and learn no matter where you are.

Gratitude & Empathy
We are looking for people who are appreciative of what others do for them an and take the time to understand others.

Why Should You Join Haus?

Haus is a company that fosters growth and opportunity. Whether it's learning more about original design or networking with others. Haus encourages people to expand their creative abilities and to constantly think outside the box. Regardless of your department or background, everyone works together to achieve a common goal.

Role Available

Senior Marketing Executive

• Assist and support the Head of Marketing and Customer Experience in developing and implementing the marketing plan.

• Manage assigned marketing campaigns effectively in their entirety. From initial planning to tracking and reporting on return on investment.

• Serve as an escalation point for marketing team and other colleagues' inquiries. Critical items should be escalated to the Head of Marketing as soon as possible.

Recruitment Process


Review applicants to see the range of criteria and discover abilities.


Conduct an interview to learn more about the applicant; strengths to help the team.


Make an offer to the candidate who is best suited to their specific role on the team.

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