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Wall Clocks

Wall Clocks

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George Nelson, faith in economic progress and prosperity were fundamental aspects of the 1950's American lifestyle. Everything seemed possible and the people wanted to be 'modern'. Vitra Wall Clocks that were designed by George Nelson are all iconic with their designs and has its strong characteristic for each of them.

To bring the design of its era to American homes, George Nelson designed a wide range of everyday objects: lamps, clocks, and other home accessories.

Until the 1970s, Nelson's work created numerous articles for the home, such as the bubble lamps or the ball clock which became design icons of the mid-20th century.

Technical Details

Design Year: 1947/1953
Made-In: Germany
Material: various types of wood and metal.
Product contents: high-quality quartz clock movement, 1.5-volt battery included.
Origin of wood: all wood types from Poland, except the Fan Clock: American cherry (Prunus serotina) from the USA.


George Nelson, 1947/1953 

Being regarded as one of the most important figures in American design is George Nelson's biggest achievement. Active as an architect, a product and exhibition designer & a writer, he was a leading voice in the discourse on design and architecture over several decades. Vitra is the sole authorized manufacturer of specified Nelson products for markets in Europe and the Middle East. 


Logo Vitra - Original - Rekadeka Malaysia 

Vitra is much more than a brand but rather a staple of design. Established in 1950 in Birsfelden, Switzerland, the brand has left its mark on design history through its transcending path. Starting as a furniture producer, it paved its way to manufacturing and ultimately became the powerhouse design institution we see today.

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