Simple yet suave. Elegantly stylish. Streamlined and colourful. These are the few things that make up HAUS's concept of a contemporary modern lifestyle. Translated into the home, HAUS's range of stylish furniture gives your living spaces a trendy and tastefully furnished aura, yet maintains a comfortably soothing ambience. HAUS's concept of a modern lifestyle emphasizes space, form and functionality.

What makes HAUS Living Concepts exceptional is the ability to understand the ever-changing trends of living. Hence, the variable collection of urban and sophisticated design can be adapted to suit different moods, style preferences, the context of space and most importantly, the budget.

Each furniture piece at HAUS is a work of art, customized to fit different types of lifestyles. As a focal point to the home interior, HAUS's sofas and lounges, which incorporate sleek designs and ergonomic forms, make extraordinary statements to spaces, creating a dramatic and inviting ambience. With HAUS's pieces, your living spaces can be smart and chic or luxurious and classy; or simply fun and playful. HAUS's designs are versatile and with various configurations available, these pieces provide the flexibility and mobility that are much needed in modern living spaces. Also, they come with a range of optional sized modules that allows room to accommodate extra company.